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Pote de la reacción química de acero inoxidable

Descripción del producto

1 las especificaciones, libre de contaminación
2,easy con
3,fine mano de obra
4,wide uso
5,high eficiencia


Our reactor is made up of pot cover, pot body, jacket, agitator, shaft seal transmission device and supporting system. The parts which contact the material are all made of OCr18Ni9 or 1Cr18Ni9Ti acid-resisting stainless steel.


We are professional manufacturer of chemical equipment and we can design and manufacture most equipments of chemical and light industry. Welcome domestic and foreign customers to cooperate with us.


The type of stirring contains kinds of traditional paddle agitate, turbine agitate, propeller agitate, anchor agitate, frame agitate, spiral ribbon agitate and serrated disc agitate.

We particularly recommend high shear emulsification reactor, it combined reactor which centralize frame agitate, high shear emulsification and inwall cleaner together. The significant advantage is it can combine dispersing, mixing, emulsifying, homogeneity and smashing function together. It can make products superfine with high quality efficiently.

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